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For those I’ve not met outside of Facebook, I’m Mike Reed. My wife Felita and I came up with the idea for CHET around the first of February of this year. I had an unfortunate encounter with a senator when I voiced my opinion of the reptile laws we are seeing all around the country. I began talking to other folks in states that have stopped laws in the past. Their advice was to have a strong in state base to start with. So I decided we needed to get together.

When I threw the idea out in different Facebook groups, it was well met and so I formed CHET. The response was immediate. We broke 100 likes the first week. A lot of talent was with us from the start. Several of you are quite knowledgeable about certain animals. We can all play important parts.

I set a few goals for our new organization. First, I want to be ready when the uneducated laws surface in Nashville. The other goals will all effect this first one. I want to educate. We can get out in the public and let people learn that reptiles can make acceptable pets, sometimes better than cats and dogs. I would love to get into our schools and reach the public at a young age. Most kids are fascinated to get close up with a snake or lizard. We will always offer assistance to the new enthusiasts coming into the hobby. Give them a source of information about their newly acquired pets.

Finally, I want to work with the individuals that know each species, and establish some acceptable standards for housing and caring for the animals. This is one of the crucial points we must meet. We will eventually have to convince our lawmakers that “Yes, this is a perfectly acceptable enclosure for this specific animal”. This will be a key point for any of the proposed laws I’ve seen.

This is where you ALL come into it. If you are comfortable with your particular species, submit some acceptable care ideas for said species. We want to get a full list of care sheets incorporated in our page. We want to make chetenn.org THE goto  place for herpers in Tennessee.

Next time, I’ll discuss my show experiences. If you happen to make it to Repticon in Chattanooga, look us up. I’ll be speaking at 12 and 4 Saturday and 2 Sunday. Not sure what table we have.



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  1. I could go on about what a great first blog post this is (’cause it is!)… but, what I REALLY want to know is…


    LOL I LOVE ’em!

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