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Just got in from Chattanooga. Tired, but had a great time. We got to meet several current members and reached a large number of new faces. Thank you to everyone who helped at the table and those of you that just stopped to say hello.

Did an interview with one of the local news stations, early this morning. Unfortunately, it appears they decided not to post any video on their website. Did another short interview with a different station this afternoon, not sure what they have planned for the footage as he filmed at nearly every table.

We helped at least one family decide to purchase their son a bearded dragon. We helped another determine the sex of her ball python. We answered numerous questions about different species and got to interact with a large number of individuals. G.R. and myself both were able to have conversations with the vendors and are beginning to build relationships for our future.

Tried to explain several of Tennessee’s quirky laws, especially “Turtles? Really? Why?”.

Altogether we had a very enjoyable weekend, and even got my non-herper daughter to attend her first show. If at all possible, we’d like to see everyone volunteer to spend a couple hours at our table in the future. It really is an exciting experience.


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