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Everyone should check out The Georgia Reptile Society. http://www.gareptilesociety.org/.

They are a 3 year old group who appears to be about where we are headed.  They are doing Repticon as well as other local events. Greg and I had a conversation with their president, and it appears we will be able to work together with them. They are willing to help guide us through these early steps.

Greg and I were also able to finally sit down and really discuss where we are at. Expect some changes to start occurring. The reptile community knows we are here. Now it’s up to all of us to start letting the public know we are here. Greg had a great showing at his towns car show. If you know of anyplace you could do a table, contact one of the admins.

I see a great future for us.

One thought on “Update

  1. A great future indeed!

    Fantastic folks down in Georgia, and it seems they’ve got a great foothold in their efforts.

    I intend, and urge others, to embrace this opportunity to learn from their example and show them some Tennessee herp love for their help and support in OUR efforts.

    It was great spending time with you and Felita, Mike. VERY exciting things for C.H.E.T. in the future!

    And, YES! The Rockwood Thunder Road Festival was AMAZING! Expect a blog post from me about that in the next few days. 😉

    Big thanks to Justyne at the Georgia Reptile Society for taking the time to speak with us the other night! Looking forward to great things, for and from, both of our organizations!


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