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Happy Memorial Day

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I hope everyone is enjoying this extended weekend. As a descendant of several generations of Veterans, I sincerely hope that nobody forgets the reason for this holiday. It is through the sacrifice of all of our veterans that we have the freedom to do pretty well what we choose. Although there are some who would forbid us the animals we love, we do have the ability to stand up and fight for our animals. I continue to be pleased when I see the efforts that many of you are putting forth to reach the public and future herpers. Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately, I am spending my Memorial Day fighting a completely different battle. I hate mites! I am in the final leg of my cleaning, spraying, moving attack. Only four more tanks to go. Needless to say; Bleach, Dawn and Provent-a-Mite (PAM) have been my best friends this weekend. The method I am using remove the snake and place it in a weak Dawn detergent solution. Remove all furnishings, spraying the hides and water bowls and such with a bleach water solution. Remove the bedding and thoroughly clean the enclosure with the same bleach solution. Once the enclosure has dried and aired out, I place freshly sterilized bedding back in the enclosure and spray this with PAM and allow to dry and air again. Then I replace the animal and furnishings. I’m sure there are other ways to attack this problem but that is the method I have chosen this time around.

Just thought I’d share my experience for those of you who have yet to face the almighty Mite.

Take care and Happy Herping.


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