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Newest Updates

Hello, everyone. A small bit of good news came out of Ohio last week. They have changed the enclosure requirements for large constrictors to something that can actually be done by the average keeper. Originally the requirements were something like an 8 x 10 concrete or steel reinforced room. The new requirements list an enclosure not less than 40% of the snakes length long, at least 2 feet deep an...
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W.V. update

Well, West Virginia's "Dangerous Wild Animal Board" has released the first draft of their list of banned animals. Obviously all the larger species of Pythons made it. Retic's, Burms, AfRocks and Amethystine. All Anacondas are on there. Turtles are proposed to be on the list. They are being pretty thorough listing Venomous snakes. All crocodilia is proposed to be on the final list. Nile monitors wi...
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Clarifying an earlier statement

The other day it was posted that Repticon had to cancel their Reno show due to some misunderstanding of the ban on selling animals at swap meets. I had commented that I thought Tennessee already had a similar ban in place. Upon further research, I could find no such law at the state level. I did discover that several cities, Memphis and Nashville most notably, do ban the sale of animals at "Outdoo...
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A few updates

It was shared yesterday that FWS was re-opening the comment period as it pertains to the addition of Boas, Retics, Green Anacondas, DeSchauensee’s Anaconda and Beni Anaconda. Coming from the US Herpetology Society, I was initially skeptical. USHerp has, in the past, republished old stories as new developments. I assume they do this in order to raise more donations, even though they admittedly have...
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Quick one.

Just wanted to say hey! I haven't gotten a chance to go out field herping but did manage to find a young garter snake right in my own back yard. I plan on hitting the woods just up the road before too long. On the legal front, it appears that the judge, Emmett G. Sullivan, hearing USARK's case against the Lacey Act is the same judge who sat on the RICO case that HSUS just settled for over $15 m...
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