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yardfindJust wanted to say hey! I haven’t gotten a chance to go out field herping but did manage to find a young garter snake right in my own back yard. I plan on hitting the woods just up the road before too long.

On the legal front, it appears that the judge, Emmett G. Sullivan, hearing USARK’s case against the Lacey Act is the same judge who sat on the RICO case that HSUS just settled for over $15 million. He also happens to be the one who threw out HSUS’s lawsuit against the┬áRingling Bros. Circus, when it was discovered that Wayne Pacelle actually signed the check for their “paid” witness. It probably doesn’t mean alot but I am taking it as a good sign. The case is still in the back and forth motions stage, but is still alive and looking good.

I’m excited to see all the different members actively doing public presentations. Hopefully, as time goes by, we can start doing CHET sponsored presentations. I did receive a package from Zoo Med this week that will make for a better set-up at future events. I still don’t know why I received it, obviously someone submitted my name at some point, but it is greatly appreciated. I would still like to do a photo display of enclosure ideas so please email me some pics mdreed@chetenn.org .

Our “For Sale” site is up and open for use http://www.chetenn.net/class1/ . We are hoping to have the entire community page open soon. While the Facebook page is a great way to stay connected, we don’t want to be known as a great Facebook page. Our goals go way beyond the social media scene. We still want to add a care sheet section to our pages so if we can get some basic, species specific sheets submitted that would be great. Info should include ┬átemperament, size,┬áhousing, lighting, heat and diet for sure. Any other relevant facts would be a plus.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Until next time Happy Herping.


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