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Clarifying an earlier statement

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The other day it was posted that Repticon had to cancel their Reno show due to some misunderstanding of the ban on selling animals at swap meets. I had commented that I thought Tennessee already had a similar ban in place. Upon further research, I could find no such law at the state level. I did discover that several cities, Memphis and Nashville most notably, do ban the sale of animals at “Outdoor public locations”. This would appear to include roadsides, parks, parking lots and outdoor flea markets/ swap meets. Repticon hosting indoor events should not be an issue at this time.

The best I can tell, these laws have been passed to cut down on puppy mills. While the Memphis law states domestic animals, it would more than likely be interpreted to include exotics held in captivity. I am not a lawyer by any means, but that is my understanding of this matter. If any of you are aware of any similar laws throughout the state, please let me know. Each locality will have it’s own laws and I wouldn’t have the time to search each and every city and county throughout the state so I suggest you each look into your own local laws and pass it along to me so I can share with everyone.

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