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Well, West Virginia’s “Dangerous Wild Animal Board” has released the first draft of their list of banned animals. Obviously all the larger species of Pythons made it. Retic’s, Burms, AfRocks and Amethystine. All Anacondas are on there. Turtles are proposed to be on the list. They are being pretty thorough listing Venomous snakes. All crocodilia is proposed to be on the final list. Nile monitors will be banned.

They want to ban ALL newts and salamanders. All african clawed frogs, tree frogs and cane toads will have to go. Several bird species are on the list. They are listing several species of snails, mussels and crayfish. Puffer fish, goby’s and piranhas look to make the list.

In the order of mammals, all primates except humans, sloths and armadillos are targeted. All marsupials, shrews, moles and hedgehogs have been deemed dangerous. Lemurs, bats and all but domesticated rabbits are getting the axe. The only rodents allowed will be golden hamsters and domesticated rats and mice and domesticated guinea pigs.

They list ALL carnivores except dogs and cats. They even list elephants and manatees. Hyraxes? I’m not even sure what that is although it appears to be something like a large rat. All species of equine other than horses donkeys and mules are on there. Swine, giraffes, peccaries, and get this one, SUGAR GLIDERS are considered dangerous animals. And for some odd reason, they feel the need to list whales and dolphins.

In other words, they are pretty well listing any animals they want to whether there is any basis for the ban or not. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen when the decision was made to form the “Dangerous Wild Animal Board” to make their own list of what is considered dangerous. All told the list is 9 pages long, I simply hit the highlights here. It can be viewed here     http://www.usark.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/West-Virginia-DWA-Proposed-List-6.11.14.pdf 

Our politicians have gone mad! Until next time,


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