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Hello, everyone. A small bit of good news came out of Ohio last week. They have changed the enclosure requirements for large constrictors to something that can actually be done by the average keeper. Originally the requirements were something like an 8 x 10 concrete or steel reinforced room. The new requirements list an enclosure not less than 40% of the snakes length long, at least 2 feet deep and 1 foot high. The material must be nonporous and easily and repeatedly cleanable. The door must have an externally latch or lock that will prevent escape. This means an 18 foot snake could be legally kept in a 7 1/2 ft enclosure. Individuals in Ohio will still have to meet all the other permit requirements but at least the new enclosure specs are within reason now.

On the national level, FWS has announced the intent to finalize the Constrictor rule. This is a direct result of USARK’s lawsuit contesting the Constrictor rule. This means they will open the public comment section again. They will be seeking public comment on Boas, Retics,  DeSchauensee’s anaconda, Green anaconda and Beni anaconda. They will start accepting comments tomorrow, June 24 through July 24. This may be our last chance to speak out against this rule. To submit comments go to www.regulations.gov and search for docket number FWS–R9–FHC–2008–0015. Please remember that professional, courteous, and well educated comments will help while rude, vulgar and off the wall will only hurt our cause. Even if you don’t own large constrictors, we know from past experience that this won’t stop with the giants.

Now for a personal update, we were given the opportunity this afternoon to take a few of our animals to the Clyde Austin 4-H Camp, which is only about a mile up the road from us. We did 2 presentations for the children. Information was offered on Ball Pythons, Boas, Bearded Dragons and our Iguana. We were extremely well received and answered a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I have been moved back to second shift at work so this may be the only time we get to go out there. I would like to be there every week when the new campers come, but had to make special arrangements since I had already committed before they decided to move me.

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