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Month: February 2015

CHET’s newest member, Chet

Everyone say Hello to Chet! He is our new official reptilian ambassador. We have had the intention for a while now to rename a rescued animal Chet, and making him our mascot. This Burmese, probable male, Python fit the bill. When Greg and Angelia first discovered Chet, he had been given the name of The Beast. He was housed in a 55 gallon aquarium with a heat lamp in the general area. His on...
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First mobile blog

Hey all. Sorry it's been so long. As Tennessee is under a winter storm warning, I feel the need to remind everyone to have a backup plan incase of power failure. We have a kerosene heater ready in our reptile room. A backup generator is also a good idea. There have been multiple happenings since my last entry. The curator at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo had a serious incident, and several areas hav...
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