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Month: March 2015

Helping each other.

Whether you are just considering your first exotic pet or kept reptiles for decades, research is your greatest weapon. In our modern society, nearly anything you might want to know is a simple internet search away. Most of us in this community are more than willing to offer advice and aid simply to improve the welfare of animals. Every single one of us needs some assistance at some point. That is ...
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A sad day for ALL pet owners.

The announcement this afternoon, of the addition of four more species to the Lacey Act, marks a sad moment for all pet owners. Reticulated Pythons, Green Anacondas, Beni's Anacondas and DeSchauensee's Anaconda were added to the Lacey Act list of injurious species. This means that they can no longer be imported or transported across state lines. The latter two were added simply to prevent them from...
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