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Been A While

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I’ve gone too long without a new blog. I apologize for that. Those of you on my Facebook Friends List know a few ow the personal issues I’ve been struggling with, I won’t go into that as it’s personal. A lot has happened since my March entry. I’ll try and cover some of that.

First, and probably most important, USARK won there injunction which effectively blocks the addition of the last 4 species to the Lacey Act. If you were a USARK member or contributed to the Reptile Defense Fund, you can once again legally ship Retics and Green Anacondas within the Continental United States, with the exceptions of shipping to Florida and Texas. Those 2 states were excluded due to the fact that certain regions provide suitable habitat for these species. While this is still up for appeal by FWS, it is a positive note and gives hope for a favorable outcome on the lawsuit as a whole.

Now onto some not so good news. I have seen multiple news stories that show “We are our own worst enemies.” Right here, in Tennessee, we had a Burm owner who thought it made sense to dispose of his deceased Albino Burm by tossing it into the creek at a local park where they used to hang out. What could possibly go wrong? Of course the body was found, and a major uproar ensued. The local news reported a Boa found in the creek, even though the owner came forward and explained it was his Burm and why it was there. The reporter didn’t even correct his title to reflect the facts he’d reported.

Then there was the fool in Florida. He captured a water moccasin and decided to keep it! A week later he had it out and laying on his chest and guess what! It bit him in the face. I believe that hit every news outlet out there. If the scenario had worked out different, he would have been eligible for this years Darwin Awards.

I saw another report of a “possible giant python” spotted in a creek in a public park. It was accompanied by a picture of the supposed snake. It was obviously a piece of reinforced hose or flexible pipe or something similar. But it still made the news!

Of course we’ve all heard about the family suing their realtor and the previous owners because their home is “infested” with black rat snakes. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve had to see it. They claim they have spent $60k combating this problem. A professional exterminator told these people that the only way to get rid of the snakes is to burn their home down and leave the land untouched for 15 years! Have you ever heard such Bull?

And of course there is the family in Charlotte who filmed the rat snake coming out of their spice rack and consuming an egg off the counter. Of course that got national coverage. At least they didn’t panic or try and kill the snake. They calmly watched the animal until it was finished and then removed it.

I think it’s a little fishy that these stories become more frequent every time any legal action with the Lacey Act comes up. It’s my personal opinion that certain organizations fund this kind of news story and push to make them go viral. If you’ve met me or read this blog, you know which groups I’m talking about.

I’ll end this with some positive news. We are having a successful season working with Repticon. Memphis was a fairly successful show, from what I’ve been told. Unfortunately, our representatives out there have decided to step down from their role for us. We will be searching for new representatives for West Tennessee. The Taylors had a good weekend in Franklin and got a lot of positive feedback. Felita and I set-up in Asheville and Bristol for the Reptiday events in those cities. We were able to talk to several people, make a few contacts and reach a fair number. G.r. and Angelia, along with a few volunteers joined us in Knoxville for the recent show. It was once again an enjoyable weekend and we were able to put several smiles on multiple young faces. It was good to see several of my East Tennessee friends again.

If you’d read this much, thank you! I’ll try and not let this slide so long next time. Until then, Happy Herping!


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