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C.H.E.T. Officers

Mike Reed

Greeneville, TN

Mike became fascinated with snakes at a young age. He purchased his first ball python a few years back and has since expanded to multiple species of reptiles.

After watching as several species of constrictors get added to the Lacey Act along with a series of none science based laws being passed across our nation, he decided the time was past to form a strong base of individuals working together to strengthen the herp keeping community within Tennessee. It is his belief that all those interested in our right to keep these amazing animals should be working together in a supportive, constructive manner to ensure the future of our hobby.

Favorite CHET experience:

“That moment when you place a living creature in a youngsters hands and watch their face light up.”

Felita was initially brought into the herp keeping hobby against what she was comfortable with. When her husband, Mike, purchased his first snake, she was not very comfortable with snakes. She quickly discovered what amazing creatures reptiles can be. Her interest in herps spans lizards, snakes and especially amphibians such as frogs.

She is a homemaker as well as overseeing the Reed’s collection and feeder breeding business. Her support allows Mike to take as active a role as he does in keeping CHET moving forward. Without her, CHET’s public outings would not be nearly so complete.

Favorite CHET experience:

“Educating young people. They are the future of our hobby.”

Felita Reed

Greeneville, TN

G.R. Bliss

-Vice President
-State Spokesperson
Rockwood, TN

G.R. Bliss is a lifelong animal lover & keeper, with a specific passion for herps.

Since retiring from the entertainment & tech industries a few years ago (though, he’s not left either world, completely), he moved to East Tennessee, and now makes a living as an artist and creative consultant.

With his passion for all living things – especially his snakes – the opportunity to work with a statewide organization, to improve and promote all aspects of the herp keeping community in Tennessee, was one he could not pass up.

Favorite CHET experience:

“Definitely the kids! Especially the ones that show up all loaded up with all of that negative stuff that so many people have been drilling into their heads… and after a few minutes with the animals, you just see that light switch on, like ‘Hey… these things are AWESOME!’ and they’re grinning ear-to-ear! At that point, you know that you’ve helped them learn that it’s a good thing to LEARN!”

Angelia actually spent most of her life as a non-herper and, quite frankly, pretty afraid of snakes.

All it took was for her was to be exposed to them, and the facts about them, to change her mind… and expand her list of passions in life.

She’s now the proud owner of many species of snakes of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and spends most of her time teaching folks about these wonderful animals.

Favorite CHET experience:

“Meeting all the great herpers out there – from the casual ‘pet herp owner’, to the many who have made this wonderful passion their life’s work – and continuing to learn about these amazing animals. Taking that knowledge and passion, and passing it on to people who have the same misconceptions that I had been plagued with before I held my first snake, is definitely one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.”

Angelia Cooper

-Director of Operations
Rockwood, TN

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