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CHET-Welcome-VertBanner1Welcome to the official website for the Coalition of Herp Enthusiasts in Tennessee!

We are currently in the process of building our site, so please excuse the mess.

Our goals are many faceted, and our membership is diverse. These things, alone, give us the stance and strength to address many of the issues that responsible reptile and amphibian keepers – from casual hobbyists to professionals – are forced to deal with.

Most of these issues exist because of fear-based politics & legislation, inaccurate or completely false claims of scientific facts and, of course, the plethora of movies, television shows and other media that ignorantly portray our pets as vicious, man-eating monsters.

We welcome you to join our efforts.

Together, we will become a much louder and clearer voice in the fight for sensible, fact-based legislation and improve the worlds view of herp keepers and their animals, through education and awareness programs and by holding ourselves to the highest of standards as herp enthusiasts.

Thank you for visiting with us!

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