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Tennessee laws

My understanding of the laws in this state. First and foremost, you can not capture wild reptiles for pets. I believe that even if you only keep them a short time, As soon as you place them in an enclosure, they can not be released. And it is illegal to kill a reptile, unless you are a homeowner who feels threatened on your own property. So if you field herp, practice catch and release. I'm pre...
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Repticon Report

Just got in from Chattanooga. Tired, but had a great time. We got to meet several current members and reached a large number of new faces. Thank you to everyone who helped at the table and those of you that just stopped to say hello. Did an interview with one of the local news stations, early this morning. Unfortunately, it appears they decided not to post any video on their website. Did anothe...
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Hello. For those I've not met outside of Facebook, I'm Mike Reed. My wife Felita and I came up with the idea for CHET around the first of February of this year. I had an unfortunate encounter with a senator when I voiced my opinion of the reptile laws we are seeing all around the country. I began talking to other folks in states that have stopped laws in the past. Their advice was to have a str...
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Welcome to the official website for the Coalition of Herp Enthusiasts in Tennessee! We are currently in the process of building our site, so please excuse the mess. Our goals are many faceted, and our membership is diverse. These things, alone, give us the stance and strength to address many of the issues that responsible reptile and amphibian keepers - from casual hobbyists to professionals...
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