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No real topic

Hey all! I'm not going to get on a soapbox tonight. I just thought I'd take some time to tell you more about myself and my family. Some of you I have met, some I'm fairly familiar with, the rest I hope to meet at some time in the future. I was born and raised up north, mostly Ohio and Michigan. I moved to Greeneville just after my High School graduation, which means I've lived here longer than ...
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Dealing with Current Issues

A couple of issues have come up which I feel I should address. As issues arise, I will continue to use this blog to address them. I will attempt to give suggestions on how to deal with them while interacting with the public. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has gone public with concerns of Salmonella outbreaks possibly related to Bearded Dragons. As all of us should know, reptiles to carry ...
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Hello again everyone. Through this past week or so, it's become apparent that I should take the time and clear a few things up. While one of CHET's goals is to be in a position to effect reptile legislation, this is a long term goal. Without a solid foundation any attempts we might make to change current laws or even block new legislation would be ineffective at best and could potentially be disas...
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We are a community

I'm going to step on some toes here, but I feel I need to state my opinion on some things. This is solely MY opinion and any hurt feelings should be addressed to me and not the entire group. If I offend you, sorry you feel that way. It has been an eventful few days here in East Tennessee. We had a very knowledgeable young man get in over his head. Unfortunately he was too embarrassed to admit h...
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Everyone should check out The Georgia Reptile Society. http://www.gareptilesociety.org/. They are a 3 year old group who appears to be about where we are headed.  They are doing Repticon as well as other local events. Greg and I had a conversation with their president, and it appears we will be able to work together with them. They are willing to help guide us through these early steps. Greg...
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Heard from USARK

USARK can use our help. We need everybody to learn local laws. At least restrictions and such. If we can catch new laws before they are passed and at least show up to voice our opinions. A lot of times they slip by and are passed with NO opposition. If we can let USARK know of any changes sooner, it will really help. I would appreciate any details anyone finds. Right now I know Knoxville, in the c...
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My Disclaimer and other Random thoughts.

Anything I post, comment or share is my personal choice. Anyone else associated with CHET should not be held accountable for any views I express. I will openly speak my own mind and if I step on your toes or offend anybody, hate that for ya. I'm just a regular guy who won't give up his snakes without a fight. I may not agree with you, but I will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine. ...
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