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Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is enjoying this extended weekend. As a descendant of several generations of Veterans, I sincerely hope that nobody forgets the reason for this holiday. It is through the sacrifice of all of our veterans that we have the freedom to do pretty well what we choose. Although there are some who would forbid us the animals we love, we do have the ability to stand up and fight for our ani...
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Been Busy

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We've had a lot happening in our personal life. I've got a lot of catching up to do, so forgive me if I jump around. First, had a great weekend at Repticon Knoxville. Thanks to all who helped at the table. Also thank you to all of you who stopped to say hello. We met a lot of new people, picked up a few new members, and Greg did a bunch of networking a...
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A few updates

Hey all! I hope everyone made it through that crazy weather OK. High winds and some freaky thunder is about all we got here. I wanted to pass along a couple of things that have happened across the country. First Illinois SB 902, which was billed as a "herp friendly" legislation, has past the state senate and passed to the House. Initially, the turtle and tortoise folks were upset that there wer...
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