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Month: July 2014

Laws, Happenings and Our Future.

How's everyone been doing? I was planning on attempting a video blog but seem to have misplaced my tripod. Maybe next time. There have been several events in the reptile world recently. First, the comment period for the newest listings on the Lacey Act has closed. The site shows a pitiful 4100 comments. In my opinion, among a hobby with millions of participants, this is a VERY discouraging outc...
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What purpose do snakes serve?

Most folks with the "Only good snake is a dead snake" attitude will state that snakes serve no purpose. Those of us who love snakes know they serve many purposes. I decided I would write about this subject today. First there are the obvious purposes snakes serve in the wild. Depending on the species, snakes control a variety of pests. Most snakes dine on rodents and other small mammals and bird...
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