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Guest Blog

Today, I have decided to step aside and let somebody else speak. Here is a recent blog by 9 year old Alli out of Memphis. If you've not met her, she is an incredible young woman. Thank you to her mother Donna DeVore Metler for arranging the use of this blog. Pretty incredible for her age HUH? If you'd like to see more of her insights, they can be found here:  http://www.allissnakes.blogspot.com/?m...
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Snakes in public

I was asked recently about taking a snake out in public. There are many different views on this, and I'm sure several people will find fault with this post. I am simply explaining my views on this topic. As usual, this is simply my opinion and I am open to any opposing views, as long as they are respectful and educated. There will be opportunities when we are invited to present our animals at publ...
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Reptiday Chattanooga.

The first Reptiday event in Chattanooga went well for CHET. We met a lot of new folks and reconnected with old friends, too. I ended up doing 3 of the 5 presentations throughout the day. Greg did a good interview with Channel 12 News which actually got aired(I was in the opening shot with Arawen, our boa). We connected with several families. One comes to mind in particular. When they first appr...
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A few words for newbies.

Since CHET's main focus is education, I wanted to address those considering entering our world for the first time. All of our members will attest to how great reptiles as pets can be. The variety of species available is amazing. Most species are currently developing into more amazing morphs. Each species has it's own characteristics and individuals will demonstrate their own personalities. Some sp...
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